About us

The Carlton Health Club & Spa – An introduction

It is my pleasure and a great honor to welcome our customers at The Carlton Health Club & Spa. Inspired by your enthusiastic pursuit of active fitness and overall wellness, we have set the highest standards and continuously strive to maintain our position as one of the most exclusive health clubs and spas in the region.

How we started

Having visited and experienced some of the best health clubs and spas around the world, including several visits to “Champneys” in the United Kingdom, the desire to start one took root in me. In the year 2000, I had the vision of opening one of the best health clubs and spas in the eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

That same year, together with my Architect, we began creating a structure and layout specifically designed to develop fitness interior design and architecture solutions that reinforce our brand values.

How we continue to grow

A year later, in 2001, we were ready to realize our vision and The Carlton Health Club & Spa was established. Tasting immediate success gave us the confidence to grow and expand. Since then, we underwent several renovation cycles. Today, in 2020, we are happy to announce the accomplishment of a successful, complete makeover.

The continuous ambition and commitment in providing our customers with the best in the area, leads us to constantly innovate, renovate and offer the highest quality services in a welcoming, relaxing, and comfortable family environment.

Our gratitude and appreciation

We trust that all our customers will enjoy coming to our facilities for years and will bring their families and friends to experience the uniqueness of The Carlton Health Club & Spa. We thank you and look forward to your continued trust and support. Wishing you a long and healthy, active life.

Jamal Abdulrahman Al-Moaibed


About Carlton Health Club & Spa