Wellness packages

Carlton’s rejuvenating program - For her

Revive your body and soul with Carlton Rejuvenating Program. Enjoy appeasing yoga classes and feel revitalized with our detox program followed by healthy nutritious meals. Wrap the experience with a Hot Stone Massage to release the built up tension in your muscles.

List of Items included

3 days NutriBoost + 7 days Lite Xpress Program + 4 yoga classes + 1 Hot Stone Massage

Price SR: 1885 SAR
Saving SR: 349 SAR

Carlton’s express program - For her

Want to tone your body and lose some weight? Then this program is for you! The combination of healthy food and Bootcamp exercise will make you look and feel amazing. We added heated blanket treatments to flush out excess body water retention and help relieve your muscle tensions.

List of Items included

20 days Lite Xpress + 8 days Boot Camp + 2 Heated Blanket Treatments

Price SR: 3590 SAR
Saving SR: 632 SAR

Carlton/Milo‘s CrossFit package - For him

Want to improve your health to weight loss to better performance? We can help you succeed. The Carlton/Milo CrossFit package, in collaboration with Milo’s Gym offers you the opportunity to achieve a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. Getting back into shape or pushing your performance even further requires regaining normal muscle and soft tissue flexibility with our Carlton sport massage therapy. A combination of diet and exercise is the key to fitness and long-term health.

List of Items included

20 day’s High protein Diet + I month Milo CrossFit membership + 2 sports massage treatments.

Price SR: 1835 SAR – Saving SR: 350 SAR