Why Carlton health club

Why choose

Carlton Health Club & Spa

We provide you with high standards of health and fitness in a luxurious, comfortable, convenient, and safe environment.

Our instructors and trainers

  • Our expert instructors and top-tier fitness programs guide you to reach your goals.
  • All our professional team members are attentive to your comfort and personal care.
  • Our expert certified trainers will work with you to create a custom-made plan based on your goals.

We cater to your personalized needs

  • We offer Personal Training specialist consultations:
    To create special programs for your goals in weight loss, fitness, toning, shaping, strengthening, flexibility, and even weight gain.
  • We offer Rehabilitation programs to focus on strength and endurance building exercises, as well as the reduction of pain and inflammation.
  • We provide virtual private or group fitness sessions online.

We offer a range of options

  • You can choose our Aqua Fitness program for all ages in our 15 m indoor pool for weight loss or muscle recovery.
  • We provide a variety of strength and cardio group classes to keep you motivated at all times.
  • With us, you can participate in small group classes of TRX, Aerial or Express classes; Bootcamp, HITT, Tabata, pure strength.
  • You can choose your yoga style and join us in our Hatha, Yen, Vinyasa, or power yoga classes.

We set and follow the highest standards

  • We have state-of-the-art Technogym equipment & Spinning Bikes with software integration and Wi-Fi.
  • We provide virtual online private or group fitness sessions.
  • Our environment and amenities are of the highest standards—because you deserve the best.
  • Our sanitizing and continuous cleaning protocols include a rigorous, deep-cleaning and disinfecting process.

We are so confident in the quality and structure of our programs, as well as the equipment and facility standards, that we give you a 100% guarantee that you will reach your health and fitness goals.


Why choose

Carlton Salon and Spa

Because we care about YOUR: needs, comfort, confidence and wellbeing.
To see you walking out of our spa smiling and rejuvenated – is our greatest pleasure.


High quality

We only have certified and licensed therapists:
To ensure you get the ideal treatment your body and soul.

We always use a sterilizing machine for all metal tools:
Because hygiene is our priority.

We always use disposable tools for every client:
To ensure they are clean, unused, and safe.

We follow stringent maintenance standards with close attention to detail:
Because it is important for us to maintain high quality.

We only use high quality products:
Because you deserve it!

Quality experience

The location is tranquil and calm:
Because you need the ideal environment to relax and unwind.

The reception area is a welcoming and comfortable place:
To provide you with all the information you need.

We provide professional customer care:
We always put you first.

We provide special and customized packages for you:
Because you are special, and we care about you.